How to use the Timeline Planner

Step 1: Get the Timeline Planner #


Download our Timeline Planner from this link: Timelines to your computer and open it.

This is a spreadsheet with 5 different tabs:


-General Timeline


-Online Promotion

-Offline promotion

-Run the Event


It might be the case that the person dealing with the Online Promotion is the same as the one handling the Offline promotion. Sometimes it might be just 1 person managing the whole planning! In that case, you’ll just need to use/print the General Timeline

The planner also has a ‘fake’ date for an event and it’s suggested actions to be done accordingly. Once you change the date to your actual date for the event it will automatically adjust the rest of the planner.


Step 2: Personalise it #


Change the date on the box where it says “Date of your event:”


Step 3: Share it #


You can now share it with your team and keep on editing the different sections such is “By who” and “Notes” in case anything needs extra-clarification.


Step 4: Event day – To do List #


The last tab “Run the event” works essentially like a planner for the day. Just add the starting time of the event and the finishing time and it will show the estimated times for the day.


Step 5: Print/Save your updated Planner #


Once the Planner is complete, you can print it or just save it as it is and use it as a guideline to the actions that you’ll need to do to organise your repairing event.


Happy repairing!!


We hope you find this useful! This is something we put together after having some experience running repairing sessions. But we know that each event is different and there is always something to learn and things to improve! If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know and we will try to keep up updating these documents to keep them relevant and with our latest collective lessons. Thank you!


No rights can be derived from the information provided in this website. The Repair+ Make&Mend Collective cannot be held liable for any damages arising from carrying out the advice provided throughout the website. Each organiser must cover potential risks themselves and they are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their events, volunteers and attendees.