How to use the Impact Report Template

Click to download our ‘Impact Report Template’ and the ‘Impact Report over time spreadsheet’ #


(Make sure you download them and open them using google sheets to use them to avoid any formula issues)


The Impact Report Template:

The Impact Report template is quite easy to use. The idea behind collecting this information is to help you improve your events, to build a stronger case when applying for funding, and tracking the impact you and your volunteers/organisations are having. 


Running events will have ups and downs. Being able to look back and see that you have helped over XXX attendees fix more than XXX of items will help you keep going!


—Some clarifications—

Sponsors: Make a list of the sponsors that helped out/financed the event. This way you can contact them after the event and share with them the impact they have had and keep a record to contact them again in the future if more support is needed. 


Volunteered Hours*: Remember to add the hours worked before the event, during and after.


Paper feedback filled in: If you hand out paper feedback forms during the event, make sure to keep a record on how many and add the info gathered to your report.


More Outcomes (Fixometer):

Waste prevented:

CO2 emissions prevented:

We got this information by adding our events to The Restart Project event calendar and using their “Fixometer”. Click HERE to go to their website.



About the Venue – did it work OK? Was it easy for fixers and attendees to work on their items? Was there a space to make&mend? What about the refreshment area, the check-in of people and feedback gathering?

About the attendees – did they book tickets online?

About the fixers – were there enough fixers – the variety of skills?

About the volunteers – were there enough volunteers? Were their tasks clear and explained before the event? 

About the promotion – was it advertise enough?

About the items – anything that stands up?

About the toolbox/spares – Are there any tools missing? Any suggestions to add to the box?

About General Safety – was there any H&S incident?


Lessons into actions:

This will help you improve your event and every time you run it it will be better and better. If you’d like to share those lessons with us we will add them to our collective knowledge base. 


The Impact over time spreadsheet:

Once you have completed the report, fill in the ‘Impact over time’ spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will help you to quickly pull numbers and make graphics on your overall impact. 



We hope you find this useful! This is something we put together after having some experience running repairing sessions. But we know that each event is different and there is always something to learn and things to improve! If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know and we will try to keep up updating these documents to keep them relevant and with our latest collective lessons. Thank you!



No rights can be derived from the information provided in this website. The Repair+ Make&Mend Collective cannot be held liable for any damages arising from carrying out the advice provided throughout the website. Each organiser must cover potential risks themselves and they are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their events, volunteers and attendees.